Waitakere Ranges Local Board By Election 2018

Ken Turner for Waitakere Ranges Local Board

Ken Turner - Why I am asking for your vote?

I am standing for the Waitakere Ranges Local Board to be a voice for cooperation between our diverse communities and groups. I will foster a sense of togetherness by open and transparent decision-making that brings better results for everybody and we are all part of.

I was born and bred in Waitakere. I love this place - it is where my wife and I have built our home, grown our family, and built a business together.  I'm blessed to have the Waitakere Ranges in my backyard. I've inherited that strong streak of independence, that has underpinned our Waitakere way of life and character for generations.  I'm not here for political ideology, nor am I a single issue campaigner. I will represent all the people of Waitakere and be a strong advocate for your issues. I will bring a balanced and practical point of view to our Local Board. I will advocate for more responsible spending, on core responsibilities resulting in  practical outcomes.

If you'd like to get involved, or find more information then please check out my  new 2018 campaign website for details on www.votekenturner.co.nz

PS. This By-election will be all about turn out. Don’t let special interest groups determine our future.


Less car parking for Glen Eden?

Auckland Council suggests selling Council asset in Glen Eden to help fund improvements in the township.


West Auckland Local Board Plans, as different as chalk and cheese.

To get a flavour of the draft 2017 Local Board Plans put forward by the two Local Boards that make up the Waitakere Ward, you only need read the Chairman’s report contained in each.


Is PUBLIC CONSULTATION real, or just pretend.

The most outstanding feature of the Watercare water treatment plant proposal so far, is the lack of transparent good faith bargaining in the public consultation process


Council uses CLIMATE CHANGE excuse

Phil Goff suggests recent floods in Auckland are our own fault. The Mayor says with climate change and global warming we all have to expect more of these extreme weather events and says “we need to plan for that. No mention of Council’s woeful performance


Double standards in the Heritage Area

In 2008 the Waitakere Ranges rang with the singing and partying of many West Auckland politicians and environmental pressure groups as they heralded in the Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area Act. Why now, is there a deafening silence from these groups.




Actions for Growth and Improvement.

Around 50,000 people live in the Waitakere Ranges Local Board area. Growing the economic and social well-being of our communities, will enable us to fund the costs of protecting and enhancing our great natural environment.

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Managing the Cost of Auckland’s Housing

Auckland’s housing problem has been growing for many years and there is no one-off overnight fix. Media newscasts restricting debate to one-minute information segments doesn’t help understanding.

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The Cost to US of Auckland Growth

The rapid expansion in housing and infrastructure to accommodate Auckland’s quickly increasing population is bringing with it physical and financial cost to the mature suburbs of Auckland.

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Leadership and Management

No substitute for good leadership and management. Counsellors need to step up to their leadership role, giving clear direction and support to top management so they can build a top performing team.

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WE WILL;   Protect our outdoor way of life and enviroment;   Clean up dirty beaches, muddy walking tracks and stop rubbish dumping;   Oppose excessive new council rates and taxes, especially regional fuel tax;   Support practical investment in our communities;   Provide an independent voice and balance to our Board      

WestWards Team