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WestWards. Priorities

Protecting nature without exclusion from it

Being active in the outdoors has been our heritage and character for generations. We support good science and practical investment in upgrading the tracks with the money Council collected for the job. We're here for swimming, surfing, fishing, tramping, beach and dog walking, and let Piha build that skate ramp!

Council's rate take from Waitakere is continually increasing, including a raft of new targeted rates taxes which were added to our last bills.  But we continue to see a reduction in services, declining infrastructure and a lack of transparency on how funds are spent.   The council must stop the huge wastage of ratepayer’s money and spend our rates in our area.   Our focus will be spending rates, locally, wisely and transparently.

Rates spent locally and Wisely

Titirangi, Swanson and Glen Eden are Waitakere's town centres. They are vital to the economic, and social connectedness of our areas. We want to see well maintained, safe vibrant precincts where people and businesses thrive and connect.

Safe, strong town centres where people connect and belong

Endless reports and surveys won’t fix these problems, we need practical solutions with regular maintenance. And real consequences for offenders caught dumping rubbish.

Clean up dirty beaches, muddy tracks and stop rubbish dumping

We all need the basics done well, so we can enjoy what other communities take for granted: * Tidy, well-maintained town centres * Footpaths and safe walking in rural areas * Better parking at schools, town centres and transport hubs *Improving the traffic flow and pedestrian access between Glen Eden and the Train Station

Support practical investment in our diverse communities

Our candidates are genuinely independent. We have no conflicts of interest. We are  genuine local people who bring fresh thinking and want to see improved local results in our area.  Let’s open up the closed-shop decision making – and get better results we can all be part of.

Provide an independent voice and balance

to our board


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