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Ken Turner

Born & Bred Waitakere.

Tradesman, Businessman, Farmer, Fisherman and Family man. Elected to the Waitakere Ranges Local Board in 2018.

For the past five years I have shown that I think for myself while working collaboratively. Have the fortitude to stand strong in the face of bureaucratic pressure. That I am clear in my conviction to represent the people that elected me and be their eyes, ears and voice. And above all deliver common sense and fight for practical outcomes


Michelle Clayton


Passionate Waitakere Resident. Living in Titirangi and Waitakere Township before settling in Glen Eden. Local volunteer, community patroller, Chair of the local residents association, Chief Executive of a leading Family Services Charity, Qualified Nurse, Kiwi-British expat, and importantly a very proud mum.

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Rob Gore


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Linda Potauaine


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Allan Geddes


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Angus Cathcart


Father of three, grandfather of three,  respected local business owner, born and raised in Waitakere, (Born in Woodbay, grew up in Titirangi and then bought in  Laingholm, and now Titirangi) As a young lad I worked in boatbuilding and on the weekends in the Orchards and vineyards of Oratia ,  30 years in the local industry certifying drainlayer, with a strong understanding of the infrastructure underpinning our city. Unitec tutor and local beekeeper.

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