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WestWards. Our Place.Waitakere.

 WestWards. Team

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Ken Turner

Born & Bred Waitakere.

Tradesman, Businessman, Farmer, Fisherman and Family man. Elected to the Waitakere Ranges Local Board in 2018.

For the past five years I have shown that I think for myself while working collaboratively. Have the fortitude to stand strong in the face of bureaucratic pressure. That I am clear in my conviction to represent the people that elected me and be their eyes, ears and voice. And above all deliver common sense and fight for practical outcomes.

Michelle Clayton


Michelle is passionate about people and achieving outcomes that encourage and support our communities, to live, work and thrive.

She has lived in the Waitakere Ranges Local Board area for 18 years and was elected to the WRLB in 2019. Michelle lived in Titirangi and Waitakere Township before settling in Glen Eden.

She is an active volunteer and is CEO for a West Auckland Social service charity.

Her priorities are upgrading the Glen Eden town centre, protecting our natural environment to support its longevity for our future generations to enjoy and encouraging sensible transport options for our fast developing city.

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Rob Gore


My family moved to Waitakere in 1953, and neither them nor myself have found a reason to leave. After finishing a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and History, I spent several years working in Roofing and Scaffolding. These days you’ll find me running the front office of an Electroplating Factory in West Auckland, or serving Titirangi locals behind the bar at Churly’s Rise.

I am standing for the Local Board because I believe that, as much as possible, the people most affected by a decision should be the ones determining the outcome, and that’s something we’ve lost sight of in local government. I want to see a Local Board that works alongside business and the community to build a future for Waitakere where families feel safe, our heritage is looked after and young people can thrive in their own area.

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Linda Potauaine


Northland born, farm-grown.

Married to Semisi for nearly 25 years. Linda and Semisi love living in West Auckland, where they established their business and have raised their two children, Jackson, 20 and Arlia, 14.

Linda has a passion for our community and, as such, is employed by a large social service charity and is close to completing her Bachelor of Applied Management Degree. Linda has been an active member of Rotary and is President of the New Lynn Branch. A DECISIVE LEADER with compassion and loves sharing her knowledge. Linda prides herself on her can-do attitude. She can see what others don’t and acts accordingly.

Linda gets jobs done, and done right. 


Allan Geddes


Allan knows the potential clubs and facilities hold for improving the well-being of our people, families and communities.

With the world changing at a fast pace, and people feeling disconnected and overwhelmed, he says that clubs, whether surf life saving, tennis, boating and sailing, team sports, scouts, or social activities, provide connection and linkages that we need.

He believes that Auckland Council and the Waitākere Ranges Local Board have an opportunity to enable these clubs, and their volunteer armies, to thrive.

Allan has lived in West Auckland since childhood, and Titirangi for 25 years. He is partner in a family business and is known as a strong collaborator and community contributor.

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Angus Cathcart

Father of three, grandfather of four,  respected local business owner.

Forty  five years in the building industry, 30 as a registered builder and certifying drainlayer, with a strong understanding of the infrastructure underpinning our city. Drainlaying Industry tutor.

Angus knows the short comings of Auckland Council Building Permit and Resource Consenting processes, he knows how council could streamline there policies to deliver best results for homeowners.

Angus was raised in Waitakere, (Born in Woodbay, grew up in Titirangi and then bought in  Laingholm, and now Titirangi). As a young guy I worked in boatbuilding and on the weekends in the Orchards and vineyards of Oratia. Angus wants his and your children and grandchildren to live and prosper in this area long into the future and he see reducing red tape as one of the keys to ensuring this. 

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Shawn Blanchfield

I grew up and raised my family in Titirangi, now living in the Nor-West, so still a Westie.

Married for twenty years with a daughter.

After-school I started my career as a Tradie, then Ships Master with a diploma in nautical science. Now a successful Business Owner manufacturing products in NZ for New Zealand families. I'm passionate about this country and our City of Auckland, but also concerned at some of the things I see happening in our communities. Now aged 51 I have time to give back to the city that has given my family and I a good and fulfilling life.

I’m standing with Ken Turner and supporting the WestWards Team to protect and improve our communities  and maintain the good things I have always be able to take for granted.

I will oppose our Watercare asset being amalgamated into Three-Waters.

I’ll champion community free-speech and steadfastly deliver the publics views to Council.

I will protect public access to beaches and open spaces as this underpins our Kiwi way of life.

I will support local business and advocate for initiatives that help keep small businesses afloat.  I will progress cleaner greener options for Public Transport but without throwing common-sense and ratepayer money out of the window. I am focused on the issues not the politics.

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